We’re experts in Import from IRAN and Export from Russia

Import and Distribution of Dried Fruits, Nuts and Fruits export and supplier Grains, Lumber and Woods


SHENO is a leading manufacturer and direct exporter of dried fruits, nuts, food and fresh fruits and vegetables (dates, pistachios, raisins, rose hips, hawthorns, tomato paste, apples, kiwi) from its own date plantations and factories from Iran. Our company has been supplying its products to 25 countries for over 15 years. We have ISO, HACCP and ORGANIC certificates.
Today we are proud that our brands SHENO, MESHKAT, GOLDEN PALM, TAJ are associated with the highest quality products, which leads to constant trust and partnership of our customers with us. Our mission is to constantly expand the geography of our supplies and be a market leader, while remaining honest, sincere and open in our work, creating a quality product.

We are pleased to offer you a wide range of products at the most favorable conditions and competitive prices on the market.
The SHENO company invites for cooperation wholesale, retail trade networks and production facilities from all cities of Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus and the European Union.
For the convenience and efficiency of shipment of goods, our warehouses are located in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Krasnodar, Kazan, Astrakhan and in different ports.

Sheno LTD Trading Group handles only the highest quality products.

With commitment and experience in the industry, our mission is to provide premium healthy products for our customers worldwide.


Our Group are activity about the trading and commercial and have import and export from Iran to Russian also Russia to Iran also have trading and business with other countries such as; Turkey, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Europe and other region countries.

Our main activity are about import and distribution Dried fruits and Nuts from Iran and export and supply Grain, Spices and Wood from Russia.
Our mission is to introduce our products and make them available to all people around the world our focus is on or customer’s needs and different choices. We made our private labeling and packaging unit to supply our products in both bulk and retail pack according to our customers’ needs to make it easier and faster.

SHENO Trading Group looks forward to developing strong partnerships with customers who demand the highest quality obtainable and insist on continuous improvement. This strategy has allowed us to achieve long-term commitments with our worldwide partners. This commitment is based on the price and hard work we put into every product we deliver.


SHENO LTD have the some brands & trademark for import & export products