SHENO is a leading manufacturer and direct exporter of dried fruits, nuts, food and fresh fruits and vegetables (dates, pistachios, raisins, rose hips, hawthorns, tomato paste, apples, kiwi) from its own date plantations and factories from Iran. Our company has been supplying its products to 25 countries for over 15 years. We have ISO, HACCP and ORGANIC certificates.
Today we are proud that our brands SHENO, MESHKAT, GOLDEN PALM, TAJ are associated with the highest quality products, which leads to constant trust and partnership of our customers with us. Our mission is to constantly expand the geography of our supplies and be a market leader, while remaining honest, sincere and open in our work, creating a quality product.


We provide a professional service for private and commercial customers


Best & Premium Quality

We produce and supply the all products with premium and best quality with hygienic and latest technologies


Quick & Fast Delivery

Our shipping and transits times are On-Time and shipments services are fast and quick in market and worldwide


Competitive Prices

We buy from the farms and also we have the productions factory so we offer the best and competitive prices in market


Products Range

We are leader of the market with experience and have the variety of required products with our top brands

Imported Products

финики, dates


Mazafati | Kalooteh | Kabkab | Rabbi | Sayer | Zahedi

изюм, raisins


Golden | Sultana | Malayer | Green | Sun Dried

фисташки, pistachios


Fandoghi | Kalle Quchi | Akbari | Ahmad Aghaie | Kernels


SHENO have Importer and Wholesaler Dried Fruits, Nuts, Fruits and Tomato Paste in Russia and Distribution in commercial and local market. Our imported products are certificated by Global and ISO standard and also produced with latest and hygienic technology in variety & modern packaging and also private label.


SHENO Exporter the Russian Grains, Pulses, Cardboard, Woods and Lumbers to Iran and also all over the world. The mainly products of export are Wheat, Barley, Corn, Lumber and Cardboard. We have office and stocks in some countries such as Iran for distribution exported products in local markets

Bringing You the Best Treats

We aim to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all